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In 2019 the Center for Bible Engagement conducted a study of 2,000 adults and 134 pastors regarding their Bible reading habits. The results for people who study the Bible four or more times per week were profound. They were:

  • 228% more likely to share their faith with others
  • 407% more likely to memorize scripture
  • 59% less likely to view pornography
  • 30% less likely to struggle with loneliness

It's clear that reading the Bible is good for the reader and it's good for families. Here are a few ways to engage Scripture regularly if you aren't already...

  1. Get The CLP App and take advantage of the free Bible on the homepage.
  2. Download The Bible App and engage in a Bible reading plan or utilize one of the thousands of free studies. 
  3. Listen to the Bible as you're driving through Biblegateway.
  4. Print this Bible Reading Plan from Navigators.
  5. Join one of the many Adult Ministries groups at CLP!

Our hope at CLP is that you will fall in love with Bible reading in whatever form works best for you. The benefits are clear. Connecting with God by reading the Bible is good for you and there are so many options available for just that purpose.

Have more questions about how to get started? Contact Pastor Adam and he will help you explore options!