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THANK YOU for the many ways you give support to The Church at Litchfield Park. 

You, the congregation approved the 2023 operating budget in the amount of $971,133.  To meet that goal, it requires $80,928 a month in total income.  The congregation also approved using the Willis Endowment Fund as needed to cover part or all of the salaries for the Children and Youth Ministry Director, CLP Kids and Adult Education. To date we have not dispersed any Willis Endowment Funds.  

One of our Core Values is Stewardship:  We have grateful hearts so we value stewardship.  We acknowledge that all we have comes from God.  As stewards of God’s gifts, we manage ourselves and our possessions in service to God.  Thank you to all who share their gifts and talents in service to God and others.  Giving financially is an act of worship and can be done through Sunday’s plate offering, the app, website or mailing a check.  Whether it be a commitment of $1 a week or $1,000 a week all monies received go toward the annual operating budget unless otherwise designated.   

We give because the Lord first gave to us. Your leadership team is GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, PLEASED, OVERWHELMED, and APPRECIATIVE.