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Stewardship and servant leadership intertwine in my personal journey within the church. When I joined the church in 2009, finding a welcoming community was a challenge, but upon walking in, I was greeted warmly by two individuals who embodied the spirit of stewardship. They conveyed that fellowship is about caring, which resonated deeply with me. Soon, I realized that stewardship encompassed more than tithing; it involved sharing my time and talents to build God's Kingdom and His Church. Given the opportunity to lead fellowship, I served in that role for eight years, utilizing my talents to help others connect in meaningful ways. Recognizing my commitment, I was honored to be asked to become a deacon, ultimately serving as Head Deacon for five years. In this role, I learned that stewardship extends beyond material possessions. It is about sharing the spiritual gifts that God has blessed us with and demonstrating care for others. It is about loving God and loving others. Even though I had a personal dislike for hospitals, my love for people and dedication to God's work compelled me to overcome my discomfort and visit those in need. This act of selflessness, guided by God and the Holy Spirit, taught me that true stewardship involves using our gifts and time to care for others and make a positive impact.


Rob Gimbl

TheShop@CLP Board Member