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If you would like to join the Mission Committee in providing support for Maui, please send monies directly to World Vision.

From the World Vision Website:

Support disaster-affected communities in the U.S.

World Vision is positioned and equipped to respond to disasters across the United States, including in areas like Maui.

In the wake of disasters in the U.S., World Vision is often one of the first organizations to respond. With our decades of experience in emergency response and strong relationships, we partner with local organizations to provide immediate relief to affected children and families — especially through essential supplies.

When a community needs support beyond the initial relief and recovery phases, we stay — offering assistance to churches and their communities throughout the rebuilding phase, even after other organizations have left.

With a network of fully staffed and stocked warehouses around the U.S., we stand ready to respond to any domestic disaster. We work with our vast network of partners — over 3,000 churches and nonprofits around the country — to identify the needs of those impacted after a disaster, assess the damage, and distribute relief and reconstruction supplies where they’re needed. Because of our partner network, we can often reach harder hit areas where other organizations aren’t responding — serving families quickly and effectively.

Donate Disaster Relief in the USA | World Vision