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The CLP Missions Committee Liaisons to Meals of Joy are Deb Martinez and Cindy Biedekapp.

Founded in 2014, Meals of Joy was the second nonprofit labor-of-love for Goodyear, Arizona resident Larry Cervarich. After having successfully started a nonprofit that serves homeless teens (“Homeless Youth Connection”), Larry turned his attention toward feeding seniors in the southwest valley of Arizona.

Nutritional well-being plays a vital role in the overall health, independence, and quality of life of the elderly. However, research shows that many older Americans are not eating well. MOJ’s delivered meals offer a solution to relieving a family's worry about a loved one's poor eating habits or inability to cook and eliminate concerns about their inability to drive and shop.

Meals are delivered by volunteers five days a week. It is the goal of Meals of Joy that no senior ever goes hungry or must make the choice between eating and any other basic need.

Meals of Joy used the CLP kitchen for meal preparations for a time in 2022, but the need for more space necessitated their move to another venue. CLP’s Mission Committee has set aside funds to donate throughout the 2023 year.

Whether it is in the form of volunteering, donating, or spreading the word to your friends, it all helps support our seniors. Please visit their website for more information: